September 11, 2020

***Please note that this product is temporarily unavailable***

To further compliment the extensive materials offerings provided by Reel Service to support backend semiconductor component processing, we also offer used JEDEC trays for sale. These trays may also be referred to as waffle trays, IC trays, bakeable trays, matrix trays or JEDEC matrix trays and we offer a wide range of trays from leading manufacturers such as:

  • ASE
  • Camtex
  • Daewon
  • Epak
  • Hwa Shu
  • Kostat
  • Peak Plastics
  • Samsung
  • Sunrise
  • UBOT

The trays are available from stock for most current JEDEC package outlines including:

  • BGA
  • CQFP
  • FBGA
  • MLF
  • MQFP
  • QFP
  • QFN
  • TQFP
  • TSOP

Reusing manufacturing materials such as JEDEC trays forms part of the ‘circular economy’ concept, sometimes referred to as ‘reduce recycle reuse’ where excess or waste materials from the manufacturing process are reused allowing manufacturing costs to be reduced, material lead-times to be shortened and encourages sturdy well made packaging materials that are still perfectly functional to be reused. This all provides a positive environmental impact by greatly reducing the need for new raw materials, energy to process them and reduced transportation costs.

If you have a requirement for JEDEC trays, please contact Reel Service with details of your specific requirement, including a POD (Package Outline Drawing) of the component if available, or alternatively provide the part number of the tray you are looking for and we will be pleased to provide a quotation for the closest match available for your application. ***Please note that this product is temporarily unavailable***

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