Easy & Accurate Component Counting

Easy & Accurate Component Counting

July 26, 2018

***Please note that this product is temporarily unavailable***

Whether it is verifying the number of components on a reel at the tape & reel process where reels are being filled or at the end-user EMS process where reels are being emptied, it is imperative for users to know the correct quantity of components on each SMD reel so that correct component inventory levels can be maintained and shortages avoided.

Additionally, as components get smaller, resulting reel quantities are increasing and in some cases for very small devices there could be over 30,000 components on a single reel.  The same reel may be added and removed from the pick & place feeder many times so it is very important to keep track of how many components are left on the reel.  The process to count the number of components on each reel should therefore be quick and efficient, so to achieve this, users need a sturdy, accurate, portable and and simple to use counter and the ever popular IC63 Component Counter is the ideal machine for this job.

The IC63 Component Counter features a rigid all-metal construction with a wide sturdy base and bearing mounted reel spindles for smooth durable operation.  Reel widths from 8mm up to 72mm are easily accommodated and reel diameters from 4″ up to 15″ (100mm- 380mm) can be used on the standard machine.  When the optional extender arms are specified, reel diameter up to 22″ (560mm),  can be accommodated.

If required, an optional Empty Pocket Detect (EPD Option) feature can be specified.

EPD Option

The IC63 supports all standard tape pitches and can accurately count tape pitches from 2mm upwards to support small silicon die or discrete components such as 01005, 0201, 0402 etc.  A simple user interface makes changing between different pitches easy.

Counting is performed optically so tape winding speed does not affect counting accuracy, resulting in a faster counting process.  The optical counting also permits counting of components reeled in both clear or black carrier tape without affecting the count accuracy.

The following video demonstrates the simple setup and operation of the IC63 Component Counter.

***Please note that this product is temporarily unavailable***

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