Growing Workforce

Growing Workforce

May 22, 2018

The life blood and essence of a company lies within it’s people and Reel Service is very proud of it’s loyal, dedicated and experienced workforce.  Our 25 year service ’25 Club’ now has 6 members and over 40% of our workforce has over 10 years service, all of which provides our customers with assurance that from initial order through to despatch, our products and services are handled by experienced knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the customers requirements.


However, as customer demand increases, particularly for quick turn-around tape & reel service, it is essential to recruit new, enthusiastic talented staff to strengthen the current labour force, bring new life blood into the company, provide new innovative ideas and to drive the company forward as technology and customer expectations evolve.




To this end, Reel Service has been actively seeking new talent and after constant recruitment over the past year we have increased our workforce by over 10% in the last 12 months alone, which has been no small feat with additional new staff recruited across all production departments.


One department which has grown significantly is Carrier Tape Manufacturing.  This is due in part to our geographical advantage, since all carrier tape design and manufacture is performed in Glenrothes, UK,  we can fulfill orders with minimal lead-time for European customers.



Equally, increased demand on our Service division for Tape & Reel, Programming, Laser Marking, Bake & Dry Pack services have also increased and to support this we are also increasing support for these services with recent additions to our Kitting, Tape & Reel and Despatch departments.


In order to further increase production capacity and  provide a consistent tape & reel lead-time no matter when product is received, a new 7 day operation is being introduced.  The combination of additional machines and longer operational hours shall ensure that Reel Service is positioned to deliver tape & reel product back to the customer with minimal lead-time and with consistent optimum levels of quality.



Additional recruitment has also been made within our Engineering Dept. to strengthen support for our production processes and equipment across all shifts.  Training of our new Technicians is progressing well with focus on setup, operation, fault-finding and preventative maintenance to to keep our machines performing to the highest standards.




As business grows and customer requirements become ever more demanding, Reel Service is responding to this with a growing talented workforce and expanding state-of-the-art machine capability, further enforcing Reel Service Ltd’s position as The Tape & Reel Company





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