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Component Inspection Services

September 26, 2017

As devices become smaller and PCB assembly requirements become ever more stringent, the quality of components in tape & reel becomes ever more important.  Our Quality Policy states that Reel Service Ltd is:

‘Committed to supplying all of our customers with the highest level of satisfaction in products and service’

To ensure ongoing support for this policy, Reel Service continues to invest in the very latest high-speed tape & reel machinery with integrated in-line state-of-the-art vision inspection systems.  These investments further complement our extensive range of Services and allow our customers access to the very latest automated inspection technology available today.

Computerised Vision Inspection or Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) services can be offered as part of the tape & reel process where customers components are inspected inline from:




Or for components in tube or tray, inspection services can be offered as a standalone service with components being returned in the original packaging if required.  This ensures that even if tape & reel is not required, our customers components are still supplied assured to meet the stringent requirements that today’s end users require.

IC Lead Inspection


Typical inspection services offered include:

Lead Inspection where the lead geometry of the device is inspected to ensure it meets the customers’ requirements.   Our inspection systems offer 2D & 3D inspection ensuring that measurements such as Coplanarity are true readings.






Die Inspection where surface defects on the die surface can be detected such as, foreign material, scratches and edge chipping.  Other inspections available include missing ball detection and ball diameter measurement amongst many others.Fail Ball Diameter








Component Mark InspectionMark & Orientation Inspection is a term often assumed to be the same inspection, but these are separate inspections that when combined are crucial to ensure that all components are polarised in the same orientation and have legible and consistent part numbers and date codes.  Mark orientation is no guarantee of component orientation so where possible, Reel Service will always perform mark and orientation inspection separately thus ensuring that the devices are polarised correctly and mark quality and print legibility meets customers’ requirements.  Our flexible multi-channel programmable inspection illumination provides important adjustment options when inspecting different types of marking and is particularly important for laser marked devices.


PVI White Chip

QFN Black Stain

For the most stringent of end user requirements our latest Package Visual Inspection (PVI) inspection services are becoming increasingly popular where end user requirements specify how the device appears visually.  Again, flexible multi-channel, multi-angle illumination is crucial for these inspections and Reel Service offers state of the art powerful inspection systems that provide surface inspections such as Edge Chip, Scratch, Crack, Pad Quality, Pad Scratch, Chip-White, Chip-Black amongst others.


For additional information regarding our component inspection capability or to enquire about any of our other services please contact us

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