Increasing Equipment Sales & Additions to In-House Oven Capacity

Increasing Equipment Sales & Additions to In-House Oven Capacity

July 28, 2017

Further complementing sales growth of our Service & Materials divisions through 2017, the Equipment division of Reel Service is also enjoying an encouraging year having secured several repeat orders from existing equipment customers with one advising ‘We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration between our companies and hope that we can build on this outstanding partnership’.

Amongst our various equipment offerings, we are proud to represent our sister division Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments Pte Ltd (STI) within the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.  STI provide innovative, class-leading scan-pack tape & reel equipment solutions for semiconductor backend processes.

Since a new piece of capital equipment means not just the right machine at the right price, but a partnership, selecting the correct partner is of the utmost importance.  For tape & reel equipment within Europe, none are better positioned than Reel Service.  Having gained vast experience and knowledge of using the equipment we sell, we not only provide a new piece of equipment but can also advise our customers on many aspects relating to their new investment and such as knowledgeable advice on the correct machine options to select, advice on correct selection of carrier & cover tape to use and also benefit our customers from our extensive logistics knowledge, essential when moving such a valuable instrument.

The relationship with our customer doesn’t just stop at sales of the machine, with Reel Service also providing ongoing after sales technical support, training, planned maintenance support and spare parts support.

Additionally, Reel Service has also been investing in new capital equipment within our own Service department.  Our Dehydration Bake Oven capacity has been increased by 20% providing additional capacity for our popular Bake service which provides a Dehydration Bake service for customers product in both tube and tray format.  This additional bake capacity provides greater flexibility for our customers to send in larger volumes of product or for us to simultaneously provide bake services at varying bake times and temperatures.

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