The Latest Additions to Reel Service ’25 Club’

25 Year Service Award Badge

The Latest Additions to Reel Service ’25 Club’

June 26, 2017

As Reel Service Ltd continues through its landmark 30th anniversary year, we are proud to welcome 2 additional team members to our 25 year service ’25 Club’, both of whom joined us only a week apart back in May 1992.

Production Chargehand Liz Gourlay is a valued member of our Services Department beginning her career in Tape & ReelOperator at Tape & Reel Machine working on our manual tape & reel process.

Following the introduction of our first automation in 1993 Liz’s experience and enthusiasm meant she was a clear choice to make the progression to these machines which require operators with experience and attention to detail making Liz the ideal choice.   Liz can now be found working across all of our automated machines and continues to assist younger team members with her experience and remains a valuable member of our team.

The next team member to join the ’25 Club’ is Scott Pozzi who started with Reel Service as a Carrier Tape Manufacturing Operative to support the introduction of Carrier Tape manufacturing to Reel Service’ growing portfolio of materials and services.  Over the years, Scott’s experience and depth of knowledge has made him an invaluable member of the Materials Department progressing up through the ranks.  Scott currently works as our Production Coordinator/Supervisor for Carrier Tape manufacturing operations ensuring that customers orders are planned and manufactured in time in order to meet their demanding requirements.  During his time at Reel Service, Scott has made many international trips to support Reel Service’ growing customer base in Europe & beyond, including trips to Belgium, Finland & USA.

Congratulations to both Liz & Scott for reaching this milestone in their respective careers and the company thanks them for their dedicated service over the last 25 years.  It is experienced, knowledgeable hard-working team members such as these that continue to make Reel Service ‘The Tape & Reel Company’.

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