Reel Service becomes member of Fife Chamber of Commerce

Reel Service becomes member of Fife Chamber of Commerce

February 22, 2017

Keen to enjoy the networking & collaborative opportunities membership offers, Reel Service has recently become a member of the Fife Chamber which has been providing business support and training to Fife businesses since 1825.

Members of Reel Service management team have already taken advantage of the expansive range of events, seminars & workshops offered by Fife Chamber of Commerce in order to network with local companies and enhance brand awareness.

One of the first events attended was a round table meeting held in conjunction with Fife Chamber with the Rt Hon David Gauke MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury.  In attendance was a small group of prominent Fife businesses covering a wide range of sectors including Further Education, Whisky Distillers, Paper Manufacturing, Accountancy and a European bank who has recently set up in Fife.

The event included a short question and answer session with Mr. Gauke to discuss the issues surrounding the UK Government’s Spring Budget due next month and the impact taxation and spending measures will have on UK trade. This led onto further discussions regarding what Fife businesses would like and need to help them develop and promote growth.

Reel Service Customer Service Manager Carol Grant commented  ‘The group asked many questions concerning their relevant area of business, and of particular interest to Reel Service was the issue of Brexit and the continuation of Free Trade in Europe and stability of the pound. The session was very informative for Reel Service and we look forward to attending similar events in the future.’

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