STI - Tape & Reel Equipment

STI - Tape & Reel Equipment

Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments Pte Ltd (STI) provide class leading, fast & innovative semiconductor back-end equipment solutions for Tape & Reel, Mark and Lead/ Ball Inspection, Laser Marking, Reject Management & Lead Conditioning. STI’s extensive range of flexible systems offer automated inspection, sorting and packing solutions utilising all popular input & output media, Plastic Tube, Metal Magazine, JEDEC Tray, Wafer Frame, Waffle Pack, Gel Pak, Tape & Reel. STI’s machines also provide unsurpassed flexibility allowing various combinations of both input & output media formats providing flexible cost effective investments. STI's expertise includes:

Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging Inspection & Sort

iSort - Wafer-Level Die Sorting System

The iSort revolutionised die sorting systems by being the first to offer 3D bump, Package Visual Inspection and Active Die Inspection integrated into a compact die sorting platform. These added features combine to provide a streamlined and efficient process flow. It not only enhances quality assurance, but also offers the lowest cost of ownership. This intelligent system sorts dies into tape & reel with precision and high speed. Devices can also be placed onto Standard Jedec trays or waffle pass. Wafer inspection tool or die sorting system, the choice is yours.

Tray Based Tape & Reel

Integra "Hexa"

  • Top Package Visual Inspect (PVI) with orientation checking and correction

  • Bottom PVI

  • 3D On-The-Fly Lead / Ball Inspection

  • Symbol Inspection

  • In-pocket Inspection

  • Dual Tape & Reel

The Integra "Hexa" is an integrated tool combining In-Tray Scanning & Taping functions into a single platform. It also features up to 6 semiconductor back-end processes into a compact system. This leadership product not only provides the highest throughput for tray & taping output, its comprehensive Package Visual Inspection capabilities ensure that outgoing quality specifications are never compromised. Adopting STI’s proprietary 3D “On-the-Fly” Laser and 2D Camera technologies in tandem allows for inspection to be carried out with devices in “live-bug” orientation. This eliminates the risk of device dropping during tray-flip for “dead-bug” presentation required in conventional machines. The dual taper design maximises machine utilisation as production is uninterrupted during material changeover.

Gravity-Tube feed Tape & Reel

TR18AS2 - 2D In-pocket Vision Inspection System for Gull Wing Packages

The TR18AS2 is a highly flexible, low-cost fully automated taping and de-taping machine with a small footprint. Its unique removable tube stacker concept requires no set-up for taping SMT devices. Depending on type of devices, the high speed of the TR18AS2 system ranks it as the fastest in its class with a maximum throughput of 7,000 UPH.




AT-28 - 3D Lead and Mark Vision Inspection System for Gull Wing Packages

The AT-28 is designed as a fully automated integrated inspection and taping system capable of high volume, high-speed production runs on all gull wing products, such as SOIC, MSOP and TSSOP. Depending on your requirements, it can be configured with different Input/ Output module to meet your needs, such as Tesec Tray, Plastic and Tape & Reel.



Turret Systems

AT-268 – Multi-station Handler for Leadless Packages

AT-268 is a high-speed multi-function scan-pack handler engineered for leaded and leadless packages. This fully automated design consists of a primary 24-station rotary turret coupled with a secondary multi-station inspection table. The modular concept allows for media transfer flexibility, supporting a wide range of Input/ Output configurations. These include plastic tube, multi-channel metal magazine, vibratory bowl, Jedec tray & reel. Test integration is available as option.

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IC63 Component Counter

Prevent a stock shortage and line-down situation by using the IC63 Component Counter to verify exact stock quantities of all your reeled components.

The IC63 Component Counter allows you to accurately count taped components in an effective and efficient manner without inducing damage to the components or carrier tape. Counting can also be performed in both winding directions.

In addition to its primary function as a component counter, the IC63 can also be simultaneously used to assist with the visual inspection of the components in tape and the quality of the tape seal if desired while winding the tape from reel to reel.


  • Bi-directional counting, will subtract count when the direction of the tape is reversed.
  • Tape pitch from 2mm upwards, ideal for counting 0201, 0402 etc.
  • Accurate counting of all components in embossed (black or clear) & punched (paper and plastic) carrier tape.
  • Reel widths from 8mm to 72mm.
  • Simple operator interface simplifies pitch setting.
  • Makes an ideal tape inspection platform in addition to its counting function.
  • Standard configuration allows 7”, 13” and 15” diameter reels to be counted. Standard 22” reels can be accommodated when optional extension arms are fitted.
  • Rigid metal construction with a wide, sturdy base.
  • The IC63 includes a wrist strap connection point allowing ESD protection when handling static sensitive components.
  • Reel spindles are mounted on bearings for smooth, durable operation.
  • Accepts tape pockets up to 20mm deep, ideal for large connectors etc
  • Portable and easy to use

Optional Function 

  • Empty Pocket Detection - Includes: Optical Sensor which looks through pocket centre hole, On/Off Switch, Audible Buzzer, Red Panel LED Indicator & Reset Switch.


IC63 Component Counter - datasheet available here

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Vacuum Packaging Equipment

Reel Service offer a flexible range of vacuum packaging machines that may be configured for a variety of industries, from semiconductors & electronics to food industry standards. To protect parts in storage or transport these machines vacuum package and heat seal to provide optimum atmospheric conditions for product preservation.

To provide ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection, our range of vacuum packaging machines can be specified with an ESD option (certified to DIN EN 61340-5-1:2001) to ensure that ESD sensitive components, assemblies and PCB’s are vacuum packed within a static safe environment.

When used with appropriate barrier bags, vacuum packaging protects bag contents against physical damage, dust, ultra violet radiation (UV), radio frequency (RF) contamination , ESD, humidity, oxidisation and corrosion.

All machines are compatible with antistatic aluminium foil type moisture barrier bags.










Table-Top Vacuum Packaging Machines - datasheet available here

Models available with ESD option - datasheet available here

Floor Standing Vacuum Packaging Machines - datasheet available here

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines - datasheet available here






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CLC63 Lead Cropper

The Reel Service CLC63 Component Cropper uses a completely enclosed cutting area providing a safe, simple-to-use cropping solution to crop a wide range of component leads including radial, To transistors and many other loose leaded components.

Leads are easily cropped by placing them through the standard lead-pitch holes or long slot on the top plate. Pressing the foot pedal operates an air actuated guillotine blade to provide precise burr-free cutting of component leads to standard 3.0mm length, or other customer specified length via custom top plate. Lead trimmings are collected in the removable catch bin.

The CLC63 uses a hardened guillotine blade with 2 cutting faces. A simple change over allows the other face of the blade to be used, providing longer use of the blade between sharpening re-grinds.  


  • Ideal for cropping component leads including radial, TO transistors and many other leaded components.
  • Can cut multiple components simultaneously
  • Precise burr free cutting
  • Pneumatic control via foot pedal (60 PSI clean, dry air)
  • Includes standard configuration top plate with hole pitches for standard components. Cropped lead length 3.0mm
  • Custom top plates available to suit customer specified lead pitch and lead length
  • Removable catch bin to collect trimmed leads
  • Wide rubber feet stop the base moving during operation. Can also be secured to a table using the mounting holes provided.
  • Rigid all metal construction with a wide, sturdy base.


  • Cropper with double-side guillotine blade
  • Lead trimming catch bin
  • Standard top plate
  • Foot Pedal
  • Air tubing

Options Custom top plate to suit customer specified lead pitch & final cropped lead length

Dimensions W-140 x L-320 x H-90 mm

Weight 7.15Kg


CLC63 Cropper - datasheet available here

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Used Equipment

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